Dark Water    Healing From Stress After Trauma

Chapter 1     About Trauma      pg.13
     We are wonderful packages of energy, continuously interacting with our environment. Stunning, astonishing, and unexpected miracles exist everywhere. They are within us, and they are all around us. The way we are able to handle stress and then to move on is nothing short of amazing. We have underlying biology that helps us to process trauma; we are all the same in this respect, and it is no accident that posttraumatic stress has certain characteristics that are often shared among all who experience it. That said, since each of us is individual and experiences the leftovers of trauma in ways that are consistent with our own individuality, it should come as no surprise that sometimes reactions don't quite follow the same formats among us, and even within us, since each of us is a complex organism. Reactions can remain with us and repeat themselves apparently out of the blue, but in reality this happens whenever there is a trigger or some other reason that acts as a prompt for them.

     Trauma comes in all kinds of packaging and may not always be immediately recognized as what we generally assume trauma to be.