Dark Water    Healing From Stress After Trauma

chapter 2     ...Is It Posttraumatic Stress?      pgs.18-19
      "...In Yourself or in Somebody Else?

      An individual is spiritually and physiologically a whole energy system that interacts with any and all energy systems around it. When you narrow fields down to the minutia of neurobiology, you eventually reach cellular energy and physics. Maybe here or beyond is where understanding and healing begin. One way of thinking about this is that energies such as chemistries seek the equilibria in which they comfortably and optimally function, and if out of balance they will try to regain an equilibrium. There is much to learn, and anyway this is only unschooled personal opinion.

      I see posttraumatic stress as the result of an injury creating an imbalance that might manifest as out-of-balance behavior. Here's the rub: it isn't always easy to see that there has been an injury. If there is a cast on someone's leg, a bone was probably broken, but if someone is startled and then backs away from something that may not bother others at all, and that seems odd, the idea of an injury probably won't be considered. Instead, the behavior would be noticed, whereas with a cast on a leg, one's thoughts automatically continue past the cast to the broken leg that it covers. With one, understanding is automatic, and with the other, it isn't.

      Posttraumatic stress isn't easy to see like the cast is. This is often true for both the onlooker and for the injured person. Both can feel completely confused when symptoms occur. However, the imbalance is clear, a change in biology, in neurotransmitters, in chemistries, in intensified reactions and symptoms.